February 10, 2009

Hey everyone, Finally, Taylor Swift Web is OPEN! Sorry it took so long to make it open, I was busy with many different sites, school, problems, personal stuff, etc. Well here it is! The gallery might not be all complete yet, but we will only upload new stuff about Taylor. Feel free to browse everything! New pictures of Taylor at the Grammys would be posted. Thank you! xo



Happy Birthday Taylor!

December 13, 2008


Hope you get everything you want on your bday Taylor! Everybody here at TSW wishes you a very happy birthday! We love you! 😀

Hey. =]

November 21, 2008

Hey guys!

This is Emily, the co-owner of Taylor Swift Web! Sorry Sheryl and I haven’t updated much, I guess we’ve both been quite busy!

I changed the site’s layout so I hope you like it! 🙂

I absolutely love Taylor Swift, so I’m very glad that Sheryl chose me to help out with the site! I would like to capture this opportunity to thank Sheryl for hiring me! lol 😀 I own Forever Selena so I’m not very new at fansites, but this is just another one!

We’re both still working the kinks out, so stay tuned for more updates, and look forward to a gallery soon! xoxo


Grand Opening!

November 14, 2008

Hey! Looks like you’ve found Taylor Swift Web, the newest source on the country singer, Taylor Swift! This is still a new fansite, so the gallery is not yet fully complete. But Me and My Co-owner, Will do the best we can to keep the gallery complete. I’m Sheryl and my co-owner is Emily. If you need to contact us, just email us at taylorswiftweb@gmail.com. [i haven’t made the email] Be sure to join the forum, and browse around! Thanks, and keep checking back for some new updates!


Sheryl and Emily